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The purpose of the Board of Adjustment is three-fold.

  1. To hear and decide appeals from any person aggrieved that there is an error in any order, requirement, decision, or refusal made by an administrative official or agency based on or made in the enforcement of any zoning regulation or any regulation relating to the location or soundness of structures.
  2. To hear and decide, in accordance with the provisions of any regulation, requests for interpretation of any map.
  3. To grant variances of Zoning, Subdivision, or Floodplain regulations if all requirements described, in Nebraska State Statutes, have been met.

The Board of Adjustment is a five-member Board with one alternate who will serve in case a Board member is absent, or not able to sit on the Board because of a conflict of interest.

The Board of Adjustment meets when there is an agenda item, or at the call of the Chairperson. If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Adjustment, please contact the Zoning Administrator for more information.

Board of Adjustment Member
Matt King – Chair
Bob Kelley
Richard Spiehs
Marvin Fishler
Linda Riblett – PC Representative
Julie Brandes – Alternate
Central City
St. Libory
Central City
Central City
Central City
Term Expires
January 2022
January 2022
January 2023
January 2023
January 2024
January 2024