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By appointment Applications, fees, and correspondence can be placed in the lockbox outside of the Planning & Zoning Office.


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Merrick County Planning & Zoning
PO Box 27
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Joint Planning Commission

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Scott Stuhr

Zoning Administrator

The Merrick County Planning & Zoning Department oversees all Zoning for Merrick County, and the Villages of Chapman, Palmer and Silver Creek.

The primary responsibility of the Merrick County Planning & Zoning Department is to administer and enforce zoning regulations. Issuing zoning permits, processing applications, processing complaints and violations, and interpreting the zoning regulations are also responsibilities. We strive hard to assist citizens with applications, permitting, zoning requirements, questions, and all matters pertaining to zoning.

The department schedules all public hearings for the Joint Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment, and the Governing Bodies for issues pertaining to zoning. The Zoning Department is also the office for the Joint Planning Commission, Merrick County Board of Adjustment, and acts as secretary for those boards.